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Approved Valuers

For an up to date list of our Approved Valuers of Motorhomes and Caravans visit our forms and documents page.

Online Valuation Form

Covi NZMCA Insurance is proud to offer an Online Valuation service which is unique to New Zealand. Our Online Valuation service has been fully approved by the NZMCA and Lumley Insurance.
The online valuation service is designed to assist NZMCA members who require a written valuation for insurance purposes and may not be able to take their motorhome to one of our Approved Valuers.

For more information on this form please click here.

NZMCA member $50.00
Non NZMCA member $100.00
Fees are paid directly to the Valuer.


  • Vehicle must be less than 20 years old at the time of the valuation
  • Vehicle must have been originally manufactured as a camper
  • Valuation is based on understanding that there is no substantial rust or other damage not visible in the photographs supplied and where this is not the case the valuation is null and void and the policy reverts to market value coverage

Owners Details
Vehicle Details
New/Immaculate/Excellent/Tidy/Generally Okay etc.
Vehicle Photos
Please supply 3 photographs of the vehicle:
  1. One outside front on showing number plate.
  2. Inside looking to the rear
  3. Inside looking to the front
* Denotes a required field

How it works

Take photos of your motorhome as detailed above. The image size to be no more than 4mb.

Please note, for larger vehicles additional photo's may be required, the valuer will let you know if this is the case.

Complete the online valuation form and attach the photos.
Then Submit.

The Covi NZMCA Insurance team will check for completeness and then forward to the Valuer. The valuer will then be in contact with you directly regarding the valuation and fee.
Upon completing the valuation, a copy will go to Covi NZMCA Insurance and a copy will be sent to you.

The online motorhome valuations are totally independent of Covi NZMCA Insurance.
Covi NZMCA Insurance and Lumley General Insurance do not have any liability of any kind for, or arising from the use of the valuation tool.

Client Feedback

Alan Jameson
The service of Covi NZMA Insurance was absolutely wonderful. We needed to get parts from America and your accessor was prompt in going to the repairer and was fair in his comments and repair costings. I could not fault your service or the repairs at all and really have to say a score of 100 put of 100 is well deserved. We do not have or have had many accidents in the past BUT now travel with full confidence that if we do have an unfortunate mishap with the caravan we are insured with the right company. Congratulations on being such a great insurer.
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