I need to get my motorhome or caravan valued. How do I do this? Read More

We work with a national network of motorhome and caravan professionals who can value your vehicle. For an up to date list of our Approved Valuers of Motorhomes and Caravans visit our forms and documents page.

My windscreen is chipped/broken, how do I get it fixed? Read More

Telephone Novus on 0800 30 35 35 and give them the NZMCA policy number 6000048223. Please tell them that your insurer is Lumley General Insurance.

What happens if I need to make a claim? Read More

Don’t panic, we are here to help. Call on 0800 805 965 any time.

How do I get a quote or arrange cover? Read More

Click here to go to the Covi NZMCA Insurance quick quote and online insurance facility.

Is anyone else covered to drive my motorhome under my Covi NZMCA Insurance policy? Read More

Covi NZMCA Insurance is an ‘open drivers’ policy. Confirm with the new driver that they hold the correct licence to drive your vehicle and check their driving history. Please note that any relevant driving history i.e. traffic convictions, speeding fines etc. would need to be disclosed to us. If you are in doubt about what information needs to be disclosed please check with us.

Can I pay by credit card? Read More

To pay in full by credit card, click here to go to the Covi NZMCA Insurance online credit card payment facility.

Can I pay for my insurance by monthly instalments? Read More

Yes you can. Contact our office on 0800 805 965 and we will arrange this for you.

Client Feedback

Alan Jameson
The service of Covi NZMA Insurance was absolutely wonderful. We needed to get parts from America and your accessor was prompt in going to the repairer and was fair in his comments and repair costings. I could not fault your service or the repairs at all and really have to say a score of 100 put of 100 is well deserved. We do not have or have had many accidents in the past BUT now travel with full confidence that if we do have an unfortunate mishap with the caravan we are insured with the right company. Congratulations on being such a great insurer.
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